Frontline Chatter Podcast

By Rory Monaghan



First, let me summarize what’s on the Podcast and where you can listen to it. Then I’ll ramble on a bit about what an honor it was to be on the Podcast, what great guys the hosts are and a little tale about how I proposed to my then girlfriend shortly after recording this. You guys can read it if you want. Most importantly, however, You can follow and listen to the Podcast here:

FrontLine Chatter Podcast

We talk about Unidesk, AppVolumes, A little about App-V and other application virtualization technologies. It was a fun conversation and I can’t wait to get back on again! I also can’t wait to hear from the next guest. Kees Baggerman! This could be an incredible platform for us Tech bloggers to spew the kind of bullshit, only other techies can understand and tolerate 🙂

Shout outs
A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor to appear as the first guest on the new Frontline Chatter Podcast with the brilliant Jarian Gibson and Andrew Morgan. I met Jarian briefly at a couple of conferences last year, he was usually talking to other people, he’s clearly a well known fella! I’ve followed him on Twitter for quite some time, enjoyed the panel he was on at Citrix Synergy and have had the pleasure to see him present. He’s one sharp cookie!

I met Andrew for the first time in a pub in Dublin around the Christmas holidays….as you do! Both are guys that I’ve followed for quite some time and both have been generous enough to engage in discussions with me on Twitter, as well as re-post my blog posts for me. Andrew has also gone above and beyond to help me out.

In Ireland we have this obsession with ‘begrudgery’.  Not Andrew, he’s been amazing to me. He was one of my earliest followers on Twitter. Last year, he gave me some stellar advice on a path to go down for getting certified, he’s offered me the use of tools in his home lab and now, he selected me to be the first guest on this Podcast. In conclusion, Andrew Morgan, Great guy!

The Proposal

At the beginning of the Podcast, it’s mentioned that I was actually speaking from Hawaii. I thanked my girlfriend for her understanding to allow me to appear on the Podcast and take up some valuable holiday time. A few hours after this Podcast, I got down on one knee and proposed. I saw Andrew mention that in one of his tweets about the Podcast yesterday and thought I’d share the story of the proposal for those who have followed me for a while and might be interested. It’s not something I could describe in 140 character or less. I posted this on my Facebook page the same day.


Here it goes:

I got down on one knee this evening, right along the beach at sunset in O’ahu, Hawaii.
A few days ago, I drove out to her parents place. I just missed her dad, he went to bed because he works nights. I sat down with her mother and told her the plan. She didn’t really react. I said it again but in a slightly different way and she hugged me. I got the feeling she didn’t understand me at first but figured the hug meant she understood. She offered me food to take home, I said no because I didn’t want Fai to know I was there. I stressed to her multiple times, Fai can’t know I was there!
When I was on my way back to the apartment, I was running late due to traffic. Fai got back there before I did. So I called her and told her I was at Fry’s Electronics. Then she says it: “And you visited my mother?? “
I planned to propose the first day of our vacation, so I didn’t have it hanging over me. Then I crashed the rental car…so that was out.
I planned to do it yesterday, I had picked out Hanauma Bay. It started raining really heavy just before we got there…so that was out.
We climbed Diamond Head today, I figured if it was too busy, I would wait until the evening and do it on the beach. It was too busy there…so that was out.
We went to a really nice restaurant. I tried to time things, so we could get to the beach before the sun fully set. As we were walking over there she saw a Cookie shop and said she wanted to go in and get some for her mother…
She then gets the cookies and proceeds to call her mother. She stays on the phone as we’re walking around the beach. I find a good spot, away from people, timing was perfect but she was still on the phone.
I motioned and kept inching my way further away from her so she would get the hint to get off the phone. Then right as she hung up, a Yacht full of drunken tourists pulls into the spot I had picked. So that was out…
She then asks if I want to walk back. I say I do and I’m pissed off at this point. As we’re walking back, we’re on a beach full of people. She asked me to take a picture for her. I did, I noticed while taking the picture there wasn’t a single other person in the shot. So, I handed her, her phone back and got down on one knee and gave the greatest fucked up rush of a proposal in the history of shitty proposals and to cap that all off…
I also promptly lost the ring…Yet to be recovered.

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