Hide the App-V 4.x Virtual Drive

By Rory Monaghan


If you have setup APP-V 4.6 SP2 or earlier before you will have noticed your client machines will show an extra local drive which is used by the APP-V client for hosting your virtual applications when required. When you try to browse into the drive it throws an access denied error so it’s pretty pointless having it on the machine. Previously when I worked for a service provider I made it part of my process to hide the drive in each virtual applications OSD file by modifying each OSD and inserting the following code:

    <REGKEY HIVE="HKCU" KEY="Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer">

When I worked for a service provider sometimes we’d have to do things through applications which may have been easier to do through a GPO such as the above just down to customers being reluctant to make any changes at this level. But now I’m not working for a service provider and can deploy GPO’s as I see fit 🙂 So this time around I have set this through GPO using AppSense. But not everybody has AppSense and so you could set it as part of a login script in GPO for example.

The registry you need to modify is as follows:

NoDrives and NoViewOnDrive as DWORD registry. Set the value for both to correspond with whatever drive you currently use for your client setup (Set below as decimal):
 A: 1
 B: 2
 C: 4
 D: 8
 E: 16
 F: 32
 G: 64
 H: 128
 I: 256
 J: 512
 K: 1024
 L: 2048
 M: 4096
 N: 8192
 O: 16384
 P: 32768
 Q: 65536
 R: 131072
 S: 262144
 T: 524288
 U: 1048576
 V: 2097152
 W: 4194304
 X: 8388608
 Y: 16777216
 Z: 33554432

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