How to: Get up and running with Unidesk 3.0

By Rory Monaghan


Over the last few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure to try out Unidesk 3.0 when in Beta and now the GA release. In my previous blog about the beta which you can find HERE

Unidesk really makes RDS a much more attractive option. It also makes VDI simple! If I can set it up, anybody can. The initial install and configuration of Unidesk is really simple. Once you’re setup, you can start creating your Layers which are also simple! I detailed my own setup and figured I’d share it for everyone. Maybe, if you haven’t looked at Unidesk before you might want to browse through the posts below to see how much effort it takes to get started. The steps I too are as follows:

Setup and Install Unidesk
Create Cachepoint and Install Broker Agent
Create OS Layer
Create Application Layer
Create and Deploy Desktops
Application Layer is the new hot thing and I believe Unidesk were he first to master it. So, kudos to them!

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