How to: Install Docker on OS X

By Rory Monaghan


This how to guide is based on an install of Docker on macOS Sierra but the same steps should work on some of the earlier versions of OS X.



For this blog post, I went with the stable release. You can download this from here:



Drag Docker into the Applications folder.



Docker has now been installed! A lot easier than an Ubuntu install, eh!? Launch Docker.


A pop-up will appear from the menu bar with tips. You can suppress this.



Within a few seconds, you’ll see the status for Docker at the top of this menu turn to Docker is running.



You can configure the setup or even uninstall or do a complete reset at any time.



Open up the Terminal on your Mac, enter docker –version and it should return the version of Docker you are running.

Enter docker run hello-world and hit enter. A quick sample docker container will pull down and run. You are now ready to jump in, create containers and run whatever you damn well please!

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