Installing an Enteo Package via Command Line

By Rory Monaghan


This one is just a little How to. I couldn’t find this online when I needed to find it. Enteo seems to be popular mostly in German-speaking countries and originates from Germany. So a lot of the forum sites and documentation I could find was in German. To make matters worse, Enteo has undergone huge transformations in recent years and the commands I found actually didn’t work in the version I had but did in a slightly older version. So before you read on, note that this is only applicable to version 6 as far as I’m aware.

So the command is:

NiInst32.exe /Execute:MDSID:PolicyInstance.%InternalID%

e.g. NiInst32.exe /Execute:MDSID:PolicyInstance.14176

%InternalID% is the Internal ID generated for the software policy of the application you need to install. So for my work what I did was setup a Machine, install the client on that machine/Add the machine into Enteo and then add the application I want to deploy into Enteo and “Assign” the app to my machine. Once that is done the application will appear in your machines software policies with an amber icon to show it is assigned but not yet installed. So either you can restart the machine or wait for the next set refresh and allow the application to automatically install or you can force the application to install via the above command.

That should be all you need. I might elaborate a bit more on what I’m using this for myself in a few months but for now I’m just putting this out there for anyone else using version 6 .

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