Lakeside SysTrack

By Rory Monaghan


Systrack is an incredibly robust environment analysis tool which can aide in the planning and design phase of migration projects of all kinds e.g. Migrating to newer Windows OS, Moving to VDI solution, Moving to Virtualized applications. It encapsulates several different layers of analysis and reporting, including machine specs, resource usage, login actions, User behavior, Web Sites visited, Application usage etc. This tool can be critical for streamlining a migration project, it will help you figure out what applications are currently out on the users machines and how often each one has been used. This information can be used in determining whether or not to make that application available on the next platform, maybe the licensing is expensive and perhaps multiple versions of the app have been recorded? In which case this tool would end up representing a saving for the project overall. When planning a move to a VDI solution it is important to have machines that are capable of supporting this, SysTrack gives in depth details on the overview of the entire user landscape as well as offering the ability to do a deep dive on each machine. The tool can report on the amount of logins a user has initiated, when their password was changed, when their account expires etc. The below screenshot can give an idea of the main fields that SysTrack can report on.


The screenshot is the overview results for each module. This in itself is pretty detailed but is only a glimpse of what the tool reports on. As stated above, you can deep dive for more detailed reports. Not all reports will be illustrated in this post because there’s simply too many to go through and I intend this to be more of a review and overview.


Above is an example of when you drill down into the People module which is shown in the first screenshot. This is just one layer of the deep dive however, you can drill down for even more detail.

In the overview we could see the stats for user performance. Some users are experiencing a poor performance and so we can drill down to get to the very machines which are having issues, the report above even shows us what components of the machine are being taxed heavily to indicate what the issue is.


You can see in the above a health report from the last 30 days indicating areas which could be of concern for this machine when drilled down to the machine level.


You can go further again and see what applications were used on this machine and the impact they may have had.


Above we can see an example of the most visited websites over the network. Which could very useful for compliance purposes.




As stated above previously you can also rationalize your actual applications with a similar report to the websites report being generated but with a difference, you can select to check virtualization concerns giving you an overview of some issues that may prevent your applications from working in a virtual format.
There’s much more to the tool than I have shown in this document. It really is an excellent starting point for a migration project. It will help dictate the exact course to take, what users machines need to be upgraded, what would the project resource usage in a VDI environment be, Which applications are most used, What will the cost savings be in terms of power usage and more.

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