MMS 2014 – Minnesota

By Rory Monaghan


I had the absolute pleasure to present at MMS Minnesota this year. What a well organized and fun event!! Everything was perfect. The location and hotel were top notch! The signs were so cool around the conference rooms!. The Scheduling tool was the best that I’ve come across. The ladies at the registration desk for the event were super nice. The Vendors booths were pretty cool (Keep an eye on Parallels config man prospect for managing Macs when new features get rolled out in the coming weeks), certainly introduced me to some new products for future consideration and most importantly the content of the presentations were awesome! Brian Mason and his team in Minnesota, really did a great job with this event. I even heard from some of the attendees that it was much better than MMS in 2013 (before it was canned in favor of Ignite)

I never had the opportunity to attend MMS before, I was flying into this one pretty blind. I presented two sessions with Fred Bainbridge on the subject of App-V. I really hope those who attended enjoyed them. Unfortunately, I was feeling pretty under the weather by the time our sessions rolled around. I guess the drastic change in climate from Arizona to Minnesota caught up with me a little. I wasn’t at my sharpest, that’s for sure. I hope there some of the info in there, kept people interested. I enjoyed presenting anyways 🙂


I think that I went to about three SCCM based sessions and obviously hosted my own sessions too with the rest of those that I attended, being focused completely on Powershell! To say I learned a lot about Powershell would be putting it lightly. The sessions presented by Trevor Sullivan,Jeff Wouters and David O’Brien being my personal favorites. If you attended multiple sessions from those guys, I think it gave us a great building block for Powershell, covering just good practices worth knowing like; using splatting in your coding or correct Remoting techniques which were also covered by Aleksandar Nikolic. I’ve never received formal Powershell training, I got an ebook and went through examples and learned that way. I’ve used Powershell whilst working as an SCCM 2012 Admin, Managing App-V 5.0, Working Remotely on another machine and also when creating Custom Actions for MSI Installs. I believe after this event, I’ll be able to go back to the ISE and get more creative. Thanks to all involved for that!



Trevor (left), David (middle) and Jeff (right) kicking ass!

On Tuesday night, there was a beers session which covered the topic of how to start your own User Group. I’ve tried and failed twice now, to setup User Groups. I took a lot of notes!! I’m planning to give it another go in the new year with some of the info I learned. I got disheartened when I only got about 8 people registered. But I learned, 8 was probably about right for the first few meet-ups anyways and to not even worry if I only had 2 show up. It’s a start! Kittens also seemed to be an obsession by those presenting at this conference!! Which didn’t go un-noticed by the organizers!!



This was also my first time ever being to the state of Minnesota. The people were very friendly. Every moment that I found myself alone, somebody came up to talk to me. It was such a great networking occasion! I even got invited to visit a lad over in Denmark who flew across for the week. Shout out to Lars! We enjoyed some fine Scottish Whiskey and I think I owe him one! If you are thinking about going next year, do it! You won’t be disappointed. I really hope, I get the opportunity to go back myself! Thanks again to all involved!

I thought for those who attended that it would be interesting to see some of the twitter stats. I tried to be active, live tweeting the event in order to promote it for potential future attendees! Here ya go:





By the way, I won a $20 voucher for tweeting. If you attend a conference, it helps to live tweet. It’s promotion for the event and if you hear a nugget of info that you found enlightening, odds are somebody else in the TwitterLand would also find it enlightening. It’s good to be a community that shares!


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