Numecent CloudPaging Demo

By Rory Monaghan


Previously I posted a short demo of Numecent Application Jukebox. I also posted a pretty good in depth look at the product: Application Jukebox Review

In this video, I demo Numecent CloudPaging. The product has undergone a facelift and not just in name. Numecent have done a great job of simplifying the process for deploying applications. You no longer have to associate a principal to add your license. This is something I pointed out as one of it’s only real flaws. Well, flaw be gone!! Now it’s a very simple three click process!

If you watch this demo you should see how simple creating a virtual application and deploying it is with CloudPaging! You will also see how Numecent CloudPaging can enable you to virtualize applications that no other application virtualization product can.

There’s a reason why I named this product as one of my favorites!

Keep an eye on my blog for more information about CloudPaging. I hope to post about some other cool features soon!

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