Removing an App-V 4.x Streamed Application

By Rory Monaghan


Assuming you are using the Full App-V Infrastructure.

So this week I sequenced a bunch of applications on yet another fresh setup. It made me think back to when I first started Sequencing with Softgrid 4.0. Not having any information online at the time and it being a Friday with my colleagues out of the office early, I had nowhere to turn. I sat trying to figure things out for myself and sweating the small stuff. One of the things that baffled me at first was when I was asked to remove an App-V application. It’s certainly something small because it is very straight forward. Firstly, you do this through the Management console.

So what is it exactly you’d like to do. For me I was asked to completely remove the virtual application. To do that it couldn’t be easier. You first go to your Applications and remove the shortcuts or OSDs belonging to your application. Just highlight and delete, next go to your packages, find the corresponding sft for your application. On the packages that show in the left tab, delete your desired one and that’s it! A tip, if you have lots of shortcuts you can ensure you get all of the one’s relevant to your application by sorting via the version column or Package Name column. Microsoft have now kindly put in a warning if you try to remove the package (sft) from the console before removing the app(shortcuts) from the Applications menu.

So what if you are asked just to remove the application for one user permanently. If you are using the App-V Full Infrastructure you have assigned the applications based on permissions using AD Groups. You can just remove the user from the AD Group and on the next client refresh the shortcut for the app will disappear for the user.

Of course if you want to just remove the application to allow it to stream down again, you can just go into the App-V Client on the users machine and find your app, right click hit unload if it’s still loaded, right click again and hit clear to clear the cache and then right click and delete. The app will stream down again on the next refresh.

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