SysTrack Demo

By Rory Monaghan


Let me start by saying, I messed up! I recorded this lengthy demo back in 2015 for a session I presented at the awesome MWSummit in Oslo. I have such a large backlog of posts that this is only getting posted now. I’m sure the product has progressed since this demo but I figured it still showcases the core features and selfishly, I am working on a migration right now that I believe SysTrack would be a great help with so I thought I would share with everybody not just my group.

If you are not familiar with SysTrack, I have a really old post HERE that shows some of it’s great features and reports.

In short, SysTrack is an analytics tools. You can deploy it across your environment, pretty much environment! This isn’t just designed for an OS migration. There are¬†templates for pretty much every IT project you can think of e.g. If you are doing an SCCM rollout, VDI implementation etc.

My only issue with SysTrack is that it’s too much data! It can be overwhelming at time but I’m kidding! The data SysTrack provides is invaluable.

This video is really long, it begins with a little info on configuring and deploying the agents and then dives into some of the general dashboards.

TEASER: SysTrack provides some App-V compatibility analysis on the apps in your environment! For a demo of some of the app metrics go to the 22  minute mark. For diving through the reports from the beginning go to 14 mins.

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