Windows Package Manager to Streamline Automation

Carrying on from my previous post on building an Automated Application Packaging Factory with Robotic Process Automation, I have been looking for ways to further streamline the process and wouldn’t you know it, Microsoft just released version 1.0 of the …

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Opinion: Community Platforms

Back in January, I had the pleasure and honor of being the very first guest on the Frontline Chatter Podcast with the great Andrew Morgan and Jarian Gibson. You can listen to that episode HERE. The guys have since produced …

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Frontline Chatter Podcast


First, let me summarize what’s on the Podcast and where you can listen to it. Then I’ll ramble on a bit about what an honor it was to be on the Podcast, what great guys the hosts are and a little tale about how I proposed to my then girlfriend shortly after recording this. You guys can read it if you want. Most importantly, however, You can follow and listen to the Podcast here:

FrontLine Chatter Podcast

We talk about Unidesk, AppVolumes, A little about App-V and other application virtualization technologies. It was a fun conversation and I can’t wait to get back on again! I also can’t wait to hear from the next guest. Kees Baggerman! This could be an incredible platform for us Tech bloggers to spew the kind of bullshit, only other techies can understand and tolerate 🙂

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