Project: Simplified Thin Client Management

Over the years I have worked with many different makes and models of thin clients. In previous years, the management software of most thin clients left a lot to be desired, particularly from the hardware manufacturers with the largest presence …

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Frontline Chatter Podcast


First, let me summarize what’s on the Podcast and where you can listen to it. Then I’ll ramble on a bit about what an honor it was to be on the Podcast, what great guys the hosts are and a little tale about how I proposed to my then girlfriend shortly after recording this. You guys can read it if you want. Most importantly, however, You can follow and listen to the Podcast here:

FrontLine Chatter Podcast

We talk about Unidesk, AppVolumes, A little about App-V and other application virtualization technologies. It was a fun conversation and I can’t wait to get back on again! I also can’t wait to hear from the next guest. Kees Baggerman! This could be an incredible platform for us Tech bloggers to spew the kind of bullshit, only other techies can understand and tolerate 🙂

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Application Virtualization isn’t a new technology, it has been around in one form or another for over ten years. Until recently in my opinion at least, Application Virtualization was a luxury item, something only medium sized to large businesses could afford. Small companies may not be able to afford the licensing involved with some of the bigger solutions like ThinApp and App-V. But there is a couple of different much more affordable options and possibly even free depending on your requirements such as Spoon and Cameyo. In fact, Cameyo as far as I know at least, is the only Application Virtualization solution which is completely free for personal use which is one of the main reasons why I love it. As a geeky type of guy, even outside of work I pursue technology as a hobby and so the advent of Cameyo has led me to capturing (packaging) some of my own apps for personal use so I can store them on a USB key and bring them on the go with me at all times. If you have a small company and intend to deploy to 50 users or less, you can use Cameyo for free. If you have over 50 users you will need to pay for a license.

To explain Cameyo a little bit in relation and comparison to other Application Virtualization Technologies out there. Cameyo provides the benefits of application virtualization which is isolation and in a sense decouples your applications from the OS Layer (not really, so many App virtualization vendors claim this and it’s BS, your applications will still use OS components when they need them which means they still may not work if that component is missing or corrupt, it just streamlines the packaging and deploys and presents applications in a more dynamic fashion, but I digress) Cameyo also provides a very simple process for capturing your applications which is easier than MSI packaging and since the applications are isolated they will not break your system and thus less regression testing is required. All of these benefits are common across all application virtualization technologies.

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