Evalaze Application Virtualization 2.1

Evalaze Application Virtualization is an application virtualization technology which is available for use on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Operating Systems, whether they be 32-bit or 64-bit. The product offers a simple solution for those who wish to adopt application virtualization in their environment with providing some of the benefits which are common across all app virtualization technologies. e.g. isolation, the ability to run multiple versions of the same application side by side, simplified packaging process etc. If you have used application virtualization solutions such as Microsoft App-V and Symantec WorkSpace Virtualization you will likely be familiar with the benefits of streaming, Evalaze currently does not offer streaming capabilities. If you have used a product like  Cameyo you may be familiar with application virtualization technologies which do not provide streaming capabilities but just like with VMWare ThinApp they offer the great benefit of app virtualization and the ability to make your applications ‘portable’. By this, I mean your application are self contained .exe files which can be executed from your machines drive or even from a USB key as there’s no installation required and most importantly, unlike with App-V and WorkSpace Virtualization, there’s no requirement to first install a client or agent on a machine in order to run the virtual application you create. This provides great flexibility to those, possibly in small to medium size businesses who are not interested in the extra cost of setting up an expensive back-end infrastructure in order to stream applications and perhaps are not a Software Assurance customer with Microsoft or a are not a ‘VMWare ‘shop’.

As I just alluded to. Evalaze does not require any expensive back-end infrastructure in order to enable you to use the virtual applications you create. Because of that the setup is simple. All you will need is a capture machine which should be in a clean state. It’s best to use a virtual machine for performing application captures, this is, because you want the machine to be re-usable in order to quickly perform more captures. You want the ability to setup a clean virtual machine, install the Evalaze product and then take a snapshot. You can name it Clean, Base, whatever….After creating a virtual application, you can copy the outputted files to a share, revert the machine to your ‘Clean’ snapshot and do it all over again for the next application. The clean snapshot ensures the machine you are using is less likely to result in unwanted non-application related files being captured as part of your applications and enables a quick, efficient and re-usable process for creating virtual applications. For Evalaze, you need to have .Net Framework 2.0 installed on this VM. One you’ve got that installed you can go ahead and run the Installer. For more information you browse the Evalaze website: HERE


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And the Evalaze Toolkit should allow you to install and use the product.

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