Unidesk with Hyper-V Setup Part 5

At this point, we create our collection and then create the desktop by selecting what layers we’d like to assign.   Browse to Desktops and click Create Collection   Enter a name for your collection, you can upload or select …

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Unidesk with Hyper-V Setup Part 2

Now that you’ve got Unidesk installed on your Hyper-V host and your Management Appliance VM has been created, you’re ready to configure Unidesk.


Browse to the System Tab along the top. Then to Settings and Configuration and Click Edit on Cachepoint Appliance Settings


At this point you’ll receive the error above. I only show you this because when I was originally followed the training videos, they went through this step without receiving the error. I believe I had some network related hiccups but never fear, if you do receive this error, I’ve got you covered.


Sign in as the root account on the MA VM (If you need the root credentials. You can contact Unidesk or I can help, just e-mail me)

When logged in, type nano /etc/hosts and hit enter

Add a line at the bottom that shows something like this:

IP Address of your Hyper-v Server  FQDN of the server RORYMONPS.homelab.rorymon.com

Save the file. I believe to do this, you hit Ctrl + X and then confirm you wish to save\overwrite.

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Unidesk with Hyper-V Setup Part 1

I am not attempting to write a comprehensive setup guide for Unidesk here. It will be a pretty detailed setup for the most part but will not include setting up the pre-requisites. The guys over at Unidesk already have free …

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