Unidesk with Hyper-V Setup Part 1

I am not attempting to write a comprehensive setup guide for Unidesk here. It will be a pretty detailed setup for the most part but will not include setting up the pre-requisites. The guys over at Unidesk already have free …

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Unidesk with Hyper-V/RDS

I’m not going to be explaining how Unidesk works in this blog post. I’m merely going to discuss their upcoming release and my own experiences with the Hyper-V Tech preview. I made a really detailed document of my own setup but I am going to wait to post anything more until the official release, just incase there’s any major changes. Ron Oglesby created some really great videos anyways, so do yourself a favor and check those out when you go through your setup. VIDEOS

I got the chance to review Unidesk back in October of 2013 and loved it.  If you want to read that article, you can check that out HERE. Unfortunately, at the time I didn’t have access to VMWare vCenter on a daily basis, so my flirtation with Unidesk was way too brief. I got really excited when I found out they were releasing a Hyper-V Tech Preview (which by the way! You can sign up for HERE) .

My first thought was: Finally, support for Hyper-V!! Even before October 2013, I had wanted to try out Unidesk but couldn’t due to my company at the time not using vCenter. If you have used Unidesk in the past with vCenter, you’ll hit the ground running for sure! If not, it’s really simple to setup and get rockin’. If you do run into any issues, the Unidesk support guys are incredible. I legitimately have never worked with a more competent and dedicated support team in my entire time in IT. Not only do you get the great automation that some of us know and love with Unidesk, you’re also getting this in a way that it’s sitting on top of your Hyper-V and RDS environment. That’s got to be very attractive for a lot of Enterprise customers! In my experience throughout the last few years, not many companies are both VMWare and Microsoft centric. I love VMWare and have much respect for their ‘Engineers for Engineers’ type of approach BUT it seems to me that Hyper-V is winning more and more of the Hypervisor market. I’ve even been seeing it get implemented in environments which were strictly VMWare in the past.

Hyper-V has been improving as a hypervisor and one can certainly make a strong argument for it’s use, particularly considering the favorable licensing for the majority of companies that have an Enterprise Agreement for their Microsoft OS\Software necessities. Even so, the belief seems to be that RDS is not a great solution for middle to large sized Enterprise environments. Why is that? I can only really speak from my own experience on this but it’s my opinion that this is due to the fact that it doesn’t scale very well. Hold on though, IT DOES SCALE AND IT CAN SCALE BUT…if you scale up an RDS environment for hundreds or even thousands of Session Hosts or Virtual Desktops, it becomes pretty unmanageable, pretty fast!!

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