VMware Standalone Converter

The VMware Standalone converter allows you to install a client onto a machine, be it a physical machine or a virtual machine and convert it to a VMware Virtual Machine format for use with ESX, VCenter, View, Workstation etc. Why may you use this tool? Well in the past I have worked for a service provider, providing packaging services to many customers. Some of these customers would P to V (Convert a Physical machine to a Virtual one) and provide that to us for testing the applications we packaged, to ensure the apps work on a machine which is representative of their base image. Also, I have worked with Tech Support for some major vendors who provide packaging tools, in some cases they request a copy of a machine if they cannot re-create the issue on their end. In these cases, the VMware Standalone Converter, to me, is the easiest method to convert a machine to a virtual format.

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