Windows 10 Technical Preview

I’ve been using the Windows 10 Technical Preview since it’s launch. I thought I’d post a short little blurb about my thoughts so far.

First off, I hated the experience with Windows 8 on a desktop and laptop. It really didn’t make any sense for users who used either of those types of machines, unless they had a touchscreen monitor. The good news is, Microsoft have made significant improvements and now the Operating System feels right when you use it on a Touchscreen laptop or Tablet or an old school PC. I must admit, I do not own a Windows phone, so, at this moment I have not tried that out. I actually started this post weeks ago and held off on Publishing because I was trying to convince myself to buy one of the compatible phones and try it out. But I could not part with my money on the hope that I like it. I went to a Microsoft Store hoping to try it out on a demo model, but they told me they are not allowed to put it on any of their phones…so…bummer! If you’d like to see what it looks like on a Phone, check out this video.

From what I see of the phone so far. I’m not sure I’d race to move from Android just yet. I really like the idea of getting the same notifications on my phone and my desktop. The idea of using the same apps on my phone as my PC only holds water if Windows 10 takes off and more developers start putting out apps for the platform. I’m going to hold off and hope that they improve the OS before the official launch as right now, I’m not sold.



Above is a screenshot that I took on my laptop. You can see there’s a start menu, REJOICE! I really like it. You can customize what apps show up to the right, you can also scale up and down the size of the start menu too. Cortana as shown in the video posted above is also available on your PC. I’ve used Google Now and Siri, Somehow, Cortana seems to be a lot more accurate and powerful.. On the task bar, by the search bar, you can see two white tiles. That’s for creating Desktop containers. What I mean?


So get this, currently if you are using your desktop at work and maybe you’re browsing for flight or you have Gmail open, you’ve got all of that open alongside your work stuff. All of that can get cluttered. With the desktop containers in Windows 10, you can add a virtual desktop and keep your personal stuff on one desktop and work stuff on the other and simply toggle between them as you need!

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