Turbo.net Quick Start Video Tutorial

By Rory Monaghan


Over a month ago, Turbo.net added a Sync Device button to their service. I posted a short blog about it here: https://blog.turbo.net/the-amazing-sync-device-button/.

I decided to create a very short and simple video tutorial to share on my site. This is an unofficial video that I decided to put together just for fun.


For anybody who is not familiar with Turbo.net and their Turbo Containers let me explain. Turbo.net is the quickest way to get the applications you need and want on your Windows system. Turbo.net has over 1k applications created and maintained by their team.

The applications are containerized, meaning though they run and work just like any application on your system, they actually run isolated within their own secure environment. This is awesome because it prevents these applications from conflicting with other applications on your system. You can also run multiple versions of the same application side by side on your system without issue e.g. you can run Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 11 on the same Windows 10 system.

This isolation settings can be modified by you. You can run the applications fully isolated which will ensure the application can only view what has been provided in it’s own secure environment or you can change the isolation setting to allow access to local files. This can be useful for an application such as Skype or Slack, as you may want to send pictures, videos or other files from your local C:\.

Video Synopsis

In this video I setup the Turbo Client, Sign Up\Sign In to Turbo.net with a Turbo.net account, add applications from the Turbo.net Hub whilst configuring the isolation settings, Sync the applications to my Windows 10 desktop and run an application.

Quick Start Tutorial

There are so many cool features with this product that I plan to publish more brief videos in the future. I hope you enjoy!

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