Upgrading App-V 4.6 SP1 to SP2

By Rory Monaghan


Microsoft have made the upgrade package for 4.6 SP2 very straight forward. You will notice when you run the installer for 4.6 SP2 on a machine with 4.6 SP1 the glory of Windows Installer takes care of everything. It’s a pretty seamless upgrade. No need to go removing the previous version first, the upgrade table has been used as intended and 4.6 SP1 get’s replaced with SP2. Now I said seamless….BUT it’s not so seamless.

Odds are you are like me and you set up your App-V Client with the intention of providing the users with an experience that’s on par or better than their use of locally installed applications and so I assume you set the same registry setting that I did. That registry setting is TrayVisibility, which hides the App-V Clients icon from the system tray and get’s rid of the loading bar which appears when an application is launched.

The registry is as follows:


Unfortunately when you perform the out of the box upgrade, this registry setting gets lost and so the loading bar will begin to re-appear. That’s why you will need to ensure the registry setting is re-set upon installation of 4.6 SP2.

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