Video: Automated Application Patching

By Rory Monaghan


I had the pleasure of speaking at during the Festive Tech Calendar event once more. This time I presented on the topic of automating application packaging and patching which is something I have blogged about a few times in 2023. I feel like my session from last year, lines up nicely with the topic I covered this year. Last year’s session is a good introduction to the topic of Robotic Process Automation:

And this year’s session is much more PowerShell focused BUT introduces integrating RPA with PowerShell for those who are interested in both:

My session on automating packaging and patching this year is quite timely given the fact cyber attacks were plentiful in 2023 and cyber gangs have started to exploit publicly disclosed vulnerabilities faster than ever. If you would like to learn how to quickly patch your applications in an automated fashion that is also low risk, watch the above video.

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