Virtualizing SQL Management Studio 2016

By Rory Monaghan


A few years ago, I posted a recipe for SQL Management Studio 2012. It was a pretty tricky app to sequence. One of the many components of SSMS (visual studio shell) just wouldn’t work when sequenced with App-V and so it needed to be extracted and installed locally. Later, Trond E Haavarstein (Erik) improved on my recipe and also adjusted it for 2014 with some really great automated steps:

Recently, I got a request to sequence SQL Management Studio 2016. I tried to follow my same methods as used with previous versions and it didn’t work. I had flashbacks of how long it took to figure out for 2012 and for the first time in 7 years, I decided to just call Microsoft support for help.

It turned out, I wasn’t the only person contacting them about this particular app. After a few weeks, the news wasn’t good. I was informed, after much troubleshooting on their end, SSMS 2016 isn’t supported with App-V and they couldn’t help me.

At this point, It just so happened I was a couple of months into using Software 2’s AppsAnywhere for deploying my Numecent Cloudpaging applications and App-V applications together in one pane of glass in order to see if I could get all of my apps virtualized, you can read more about that HERE.

I reached out to the Software 2 technical team to ask if it was possible with the intention to try for myself. Not only did they respond to me. They sent me a package and full recipe that they created after I asked.

This was one of those cases that a technical team went above and beyond and delivered!

The streaming performance of apps delivered with Cloudpaging is excellent and the rate of app compatibility is best in class. As covered in my previous post, AppsAnywhere allows me to deliver all of my apps for users to one portal with many different delivery methods including App-V, SCCM, Layers to RDS, URL etc. If you would like to master Cloudpaging, check out Software 2’s excellent training.

Thanks to Matt Rodgers for all of his incredible help!


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