VMware vExpert 2015

By Rory Monaghan


Recently, I was awarded the vExpert title from VMware. I’m very, very humbled and honored. The vExpert award is to recognize contribution to the community. I will be partaking in some great discussion around EUC (End User Computing) with VMware product groups and about eighteen of some of the smartest people in the Industry today!…and also, Shawn Bass. I kid, Shawn! I kid!! I bust balls, that’s just what I do!

The group that I’m happy to be apart of includes:

Andrew Morgan
Dr. Benny Tritsch
Bob Egan
Brian Suhr
Christian Mohn
Dane Young
Earl Gay
Elias Knasher
Helge Klein
Jarian Gibson
Jason Langer
Keith Norbie
Rob Beekmans
Robert Morris
Ruben Spruijt
Sean Massey
Thomas Brown
Tony Foster

I can remember my first day working for HP back in 2007. One of the very first things I saw was VMware Workstation in a training room to learn about scripting and MSI packaging. I geeked out a lot seeing Windows running inside of another Windows machine. I thought it was so cool. I remember even looking up the company, at the time and seeing that they had positions available down in Cork, Ireland. If not for my fear of that county, I may well have been a VMware employee at some stage ­čÖé


Shortly after VMware acquired Jitit, I was lucky enough to get some ThinApp training. I have worked with ThinApp on three projects now. I’ve also been lucky enough to get some experience with some other VMware products on other projects, such as VMware Server, Workstation, vCenter, Horizon and Mirage.

It’s particularly cool for me to be able to┬ácall myself a vExpert because I’ve always seen VMware as a┬áTechie┬ácompany run by┬áTechies and FOR┬áTechies. It always seemed like the end product was the most important thing for them, not just rushing something out the door or simply striving for and relying on brand recognition. It’s always been more about the steak than the sizzle.

Having bought Immidio and CloudVolumes, it appears that VMware are poised to claim the VDI space as their own. It’s very exciting to get to be a small┬ápart of the discussions around this, as it happens. Certainly, Citrix and Microsoft are now on the back foot, in my opinion. I can see VMware consolidating Immidio, ThinApp, AppVolumes and Horizon together to make a one stop, finely integrated solution for delivering virtual desktops and virtual applications, quickly and in a manner which will be simple to maintain and support.

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