WhatsApp Web

By Rory Monaghan


Being young and hip, I’ve probably sent less than 10 text messages (SMS) from my phone in the last year. With unlimited data now plentiful and the number of free texts limited, it makes a lot more sense to use an instant messaging service. I was using Facebook messenger for a while but more and more of my friends are deactivating their Facebook accounts and it seems like the younger generations are just avoiding Facebook entirely. When I was home in Ireland, one of my good friends that is not on Facebook told me I should get WhatsApp. I downloaded it and I liked it. My fiance then made the decision that Facebook was too much of a distraction and she deactivated her account. I told her to try WhatsApp.



I hit a problem. I missed all of her messages because during the day, I don’t look at my phone. I’ve got my head buried in a monitor. WhatsApp finally launched a web app but it was a pain the arse! It requires Chrome, Opera or Firefox. Which I don’t necessarily have ready access to on the machines I use. That was until, I started using this handy container from Turbo.net :

This is pretty handy. The container runs using Firefox and launches right to the WhatsApp web page, I just have to go to the menu in the app on my phone, press on WhatsApp Web and then scan the QR code shown in my container. This is very handy for me, personally, so I thought I would share. It’s rare that I can post something which my non-Techie friends may find useful too 🙂

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